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Keynote Speaker

Fire Service and EMS

Conferences & Special Events

"An Unlikely Industry Icon"

Recognized the world over for his portrayal as LA County Firefighter/Paramedic Johnny Gage on NBC Universal's television drama EMERGENCY!, actor/writer/producer Randolph Mantooth has been a motivational speaker at Fire Service and EMS Conferences and Special Events since 1986. First responders all over North America have been touched by Randy's uplifting and heartfelt message; one that draws upon his experiences on the show, and more than 40 years of close relationships with firefighters, paramedics and EMTs, and inspires them to rededicate their careers to their higher calling -- caring for people and protecting the communities they serve. 

“When he took the stage, both gray-haired statesmen and energetic youngsters sat in awe … while he insists he is neither a firefighter nor a paramedic, Randolph Mantooth has certainly embraced the fellowship and spirit that drives us all. And whether he took a test or not, it’s embracing that spirit that truly makes him one of our own.”


Joel Gordon, Battalion Chief, Plantation Fire Department

"It is impossible for me to articulate all of the expressions of sincere gratitude for the impactful and motivating words Randy offered at our Spirit of Courage event in Allentown, PA. I will say, however, that all of us here feel that we could not have found a more perfect person to contribute to the meaning of this event than Randy."

Daniel Dillard, CEO, Burn Prevention Network 

"Just wanted to thank Randy again and again....I have heard so many times over and over again what a fantastic talk he had with them at the conference. I say talk because people never once felt like it was a speech at all...they have told me that they felt like he was just having a conversation with them individually. Very touching to hear!"

Kelly Roderick, Atlantic Partners EMS

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